Location scouting & management

East Finland Film Commission assists in finding shooting locations in the North Karelia area. We work in cooperation with local location scouts, who can also act as location managers. EFFC also helps with acquiring shooting permits and offers three days of location scouting for free.

We have an image gallery available on our website where you can view our extensive range of diverse, easily accessible and film-friendly locations with helpful information added.



Local Funding

Regional Council of North Karelia started a funding for audiovisual projects in 2013. Funding is for productions that will be produced in East Finland Film Commission’s operation area, North Karelia. Audiovisual funding is for production and post-production.

The amount of production funding to be granted is proportional to the amount of services, purchases, wages, etc. used in the North Karelia region, which must be at least four times the amount of the fund granted (including fund). Applications can be submitted to the Regional Council of North Karelia continuously. Applications are processed as necessary.

Ask us for more information on the application process!

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Actors and extras

East Finland Film Commission helps in recruiting professional actors and extras who can service multiple feature film and television productions of any genre, budget and scale. Go to our professional archive to browse our registered users.

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Cooperation with schools

East Finland Film Commission works in strong cooperation with local universities, colleges and vocational schools. North Karelia area educates wide fields of study. EFFC helps productions recruit trainees and extras.  In collaboration with schools, EFFC also helps finding services, such as catering, construction and media. Go to our professional archive to browse our registered users.

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Accommodation, Transportation & Catering

We help in finding suitable accommodation, transportation, and catering solutions for your needs. There are options in every budget, place, and time. Please contact us to browse our full list of different accommodation possibilities. Some of the options are also suitable as shooting locations!

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Equipment rentals

Includes: modified production bus, transportation vehicles and a bull crane

In cooperation with local companies, EFFC can also offer camera and sound equipment for your production. For more information, please contact us.

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Local crew contacts

East Finland Film Commission helps in finding local crew contacts. Our extensive crew base, which is recognized for their talent and professionalism, can provide services for film and television productions, of all sizes. Go to our professional archive to browse our registered users.

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SF-sound Ltd.   

Kaamos sound Ltd.  

Companies linked above offer high standard professional sound services.


Cooperation partners

EFFC can help to find local cooperative partners in North Karelia either from the municipal or private sector. 

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