East Finland Film Commission is a nonprofit organization.

At the moment EFFC is a part of Joensuu Regional Development Company Business Joensuu. Business Joensuu aims to regional developing by increasing local companies’ possibilities and by consulting possible investors.

EFFC offers:

  1. Location Scouting
  2. Actors and extras (professional actors are working in national movies or regional theater)
  3. Local Services (accommodation, catering, transportation etc.)
  4. Local crew contacts
  5. Local Funding

East Finland Film Commission’s office is located in Joensuu, the capital of North Karelia county. North Karelia is the part of Karelia region that Finland did not lose after winter war 1940. The rest of the area, Republic Karelia, is in the Russian side of the border. North Karelia is the easternmost region in Finland and in European Union. Karelian culture includes bright, friendly people and hospitality. North Karelia has vast forests, long summer days when the sun never set and a magical winter environment with the most snowfall in Finland.


Regional Council of North Karelia started a funding for audiovisual projects in 2013. Funding is for productions that will be produced in East Finland Film Commission’s operation area, North Karelia. Audiovisual funding is for production and post production (SF Sound).

The amount of production funding to be granted is proportional to the amount of services, purchases, wages, etc. used in the North Karelia region, which must be at least four times the amount of the fund granted (including fund). Applications can be submitted to the Regional Council of North Karelia continuously. Applications are processed as necessary.

Ask us for more information on the application process!