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Mikko Keinonen

p. 045 7871 3451 soisalomedia@gmail.com


Writer, director, DOP, editor


Selected filmography:

2000 The Black Dog of St. Petersburg, doc (director)

2001 The Troublemakers, doc (director)

2003 Waltz, short (writer, director)

2006 Risto and Minna, doc (director)

2006 Sivistyskansan tarina, doc series (writer, director, DOP)

2007 Intruder, short (writer, director, editor)

2007 Äitinsä poika, doc (director, DOP)

2008 Koulu hyvää kotiin, doc (director, DOP, editor)

2010 The Perfumer (producer)

2014 Kuolema on väärässä, concert film (director, DOP, editor)

2019 Lutakko palaa!, concert film (director, DOP, editor)

2020 Duus, feature (writer, director, DOP, editor, producer)

2022 The Complete Adventures of the Unrelated Sound Guy, short - in production (writer, director, DOP, editor, producer)

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