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Bar Reddin

e-mail: barryreddin@gmail.com Phone: +353858714111


Bar Reddin is a versatile Irish actor known for his dynamic presence both on stage and on screen. With bases in Dublin, London, and Joensuu, Bar has cultivated a diverse and international career, reflecting his adaptability and passion for acting across different cultures. He has honed his craft under the guidance of renowned instructors such as David Scott, known for his expertise in stage acting, Vinny Murphy, a veteran in screen acting, and Cabrini Cahill, who has contributed to his comprehensive acting skills.

Bar's rigorous training and dedication have equipped him with a profound understanding of character development and narrative storytelling, enabling him to deliver compelling performances in a variety of roles. His experience spans both film and television, where he has demonstrated his ability to immerse himself fully into characters, earning acclaim for his authenticity and depth of emotion. Through his work, Bar Reddin continues to captivate audiences, showcasing his talent and commitment to the art of acting.

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